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Pruritus ani: A clinical case approach Volume 21, issue 8, Octobre 2014


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Institut Mutualiste Montsouris,
42 Bd. Jourdan
75014 Paris,
France ;
Cabinet medical
10 rue Jean Richepin
75116 Paris,
France ;
Université Paris V,

A pruritus is noted in 1/4 of the patients in a proctologic clinic. It could resume the symptoms. The first cause is pruritus sine materia. This condition, the mechanism of which is unknown, is benign. But its regular chronicity and the anal topography of the pruritus, decrease the quality of life. Evidence based medecine data are lacking but the contact between stools and skin appear to be the predominant mechanism. The first line treatment recommended is topical class 3 or 4 corticosteroids. This treatment is not the only way to support the disease. The practitioner must take in account maintenance factor as fecal incontinence. He must not hesitate, whether because of low experience, or the diagnosis is difficult due to induced pruritus lesion, to make a skin biopsy.