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Hepatology at the 2021 ANGH meeting Volume 28, supplement 7, December 2021

CHI de Créteil, 40 avenue de Verdun, 94010 Créteil
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Liver disease are more frequent in a population of patients hospitalised in the psychiatric sector due to the accumulation of several risk factors for liver disease: Chronic alcohol consumption, possible history of drug addiction with viral risk, overweight, metabolic syndrome and use of hepatotoxic drugs. The FIB-4 index was used as a simple biomarker for the diagnosis of liver fibrosis. 13% of the tests were > 1,45 and finally 25 patients of 1058 were classified as ≥ F2 for fibrosis stage. The PAGE B score has been validated to predict the risk of developing HCC in patients with treated or untreated chronic viral hepatitis B. One study concluded that there is considerable heterogeneity in professional practice regarding HCC screening in chronic hepatitis B virus patients without fibrosis. A Belgian cohort study confirmed the very important role of alcohol intoxication in the occurrence of cirrhosis and liver cancer. A study of practices evaluated the use of TIPS in France in university hospitals and general hospitals, in particular the indications and difficulties encountered during the procedure. In the emergency setting, bleeding refractory to treatment was the leading cause of TIPS placement for 82% of respondents. Pre-emptive TIPS was proposed in 77% of cases in university hospitals but only in 22% of cases in general hospitals.