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Endoscopic sigmoidopexy: an alternative option to sigmoidectomy for recurrent volvulus of the sigmoid colon Volume 29, issue 7, September 2022


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1 Sorbonne Université, Centre d’endoscopie digestive, Hôpital Saint-Antoine, AP-HP, 75012 Paris
2 Hôpital universitaire de Genève (HUG), Département de gastro-entérologie et hépatologie, 1205 Genève, Suisse
3 CHU de Nantes, Hôpital Hôtel-Dieu, Institut des maladies de l’appareil digestif (IMAD), 44000 Nantes
4 CH Erdre et Loire, Service de gériatrie, 44150 Ancenis-Saint-Géréon
5 CHRU de Brest, Département de gastroentérologie, 29200 Brest
Correspondance : X. Dray

Sigmoid volvulus is a common cause of intestinal occlusion whose initial treatment is well known, consisting in endoscopic decompression with untwisting and insertion of a flatus tube for at least 48 hours. Although this treatment is effective for colonic decompression, recurrence rates are high (30% to 90%). Surgical sigmoidectomy is the first line treatment to prevent recurrences but is sometimes contra indicated due to patients’ comorbidities. Percutaneous endoscopic sigmoidopexy has recently been proposed as an alternative option to elective sigmoidectomy in case of recurrent sigmoid volvulus in inoperable patients.