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Indications of liver transplantation in alcoholic cirrhosis Volume 17, issue 4, juillet-août 2010


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CHU Saint-Eloi, Service hépato-gastroentérologie et transplantation hépatique, 80, avenue Augustin-Fliche, 34245 Montpellier, France

Liver transplantation is the accepted treatment of severe alcoholic cirrhosis. Alcoholic cirrhosis, which represents 90% of the etiologies of cirrhosis in France, is sometimes considered as a self-inflicted disease. Patients with alcoholic cirrhosis are less frequently referred to transplant centers. However, the results of liver transplantation for alcoholic cirrhosis are compelling (74% survival at 5 years) and comparable to other indications. The specificities of liver transplantation of the alcoholic cirrhotic patients depend on the pre-transplant assessment of extra-hepatic complications of alcoholism and on the post-trasnplant risk of relapsing and of developing de novo malignancies. The place of liver transplantation for severe acute alcoholic hepatitis, resistant to conventional medical treatment, remains to be defined.