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Design of a mobile application to support residents in Hepato-Gastroenterolgy: The “GastroHelp” project Volume 25, issue 10, Décembre 2018


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1 CHU de Rouen, service d’hépato-gastroentérologie, unité d’oncologie digestive, 1 rue de Germont, 76031, Rouen Cedex, France
2 Entreprise Codega Studio, 8 chemin de Lescan, 33150, Cenon, France
3 Centre de Lutte Contre le Cancer Henri Becquerel, département d’oncologie médicale, rue d’Amiens, 76038 Rouen cedex, France
4 CHU de Rouen, service d’hépato-gastroentérologie, Registre EPIMAD, Rouen, France
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Smartphone's fast growth and success have heavily changed the daily life of healthcare professionals by easing their access to knowledge. We discuss in this article the birth and progress of the “GastroHelp” project: the making of a mobile health application on smartphone/tablet to Hepato-Gastro-Enterology residents.

The project aims to make a patient management guide in the field of Gastro-Enterology on a mobile application destined to residents in our specialty. Programming, application architecture and graphic design were realized by two professionals (a developer and a graphic designer). The “GastroHelp” application is almost technically completed. The content (scalable) was written according to the Haute Autorité de Santé guidelines as well as dmdSanté company's guide of good practice in the conception and development of mobile health applications. The content is currently under review. Inherent medico-legal issues due to mobile health applications are significant and have to be contained with the help of legal professionals. The estimated budget is 34 000 € and we are in search of financing to enable the beta test launch in the next few months.

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