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Gériatrie et Psychologie Neuropsychiatrie du Vieillissement


The importance of assessing the environment to determine the most suitable location for seniors’ residences so as to adjust the supply to the needs Volume 16, issue 1, Mars 2018


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1 Université Lyon 3, Lyon, France
2 Efferve'sens, Amberieu-en-Bugey, France
* Tirés à part

Seniors’ residences must be located in areas that foster the well-being of both residents and staff. This study is unprecedented in France. It uses the multi-criteria decision-making method to classify the environmental targets in priority order, according to the importance they are given by the people living or working on the premises as related to their proximity to the residence.

The results are then integrated into a mapping of areas in which the targets are geolocalized, thus highlighting the most suitable zones. The data collected from interviews and from the mapping vary from one residence to another. Nevertheless they all clearly point to the importance of a territorial approach before planning the building of such residences.