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Activity and cost related to hospital management of zona in france: focus on the zona ophthalmic Volume 12, issue 4, Décembre 2014


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1 Pôle hospitalo-universitaire gérontologie clinique, Centre hospitalo-universitaire, Nantes, France
2 Évaluation de l’économie de la santé, Lyon, France
3 Groupe OC Santé, Montpellier, France
4 Sanofi Pasteur MSD, Lyon, France
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Objectives: Herpes zoster secondary to reactivation and replication of the varicella zoster virus (VZV) caused a painful disease which impact the quality of life. Among the complications, herpes zoster ophtalmicus was responsible to post-herpetic neuralgia and lesions of the ocular globus. The aim of this study is to evaluated the burden and cost of herpes zoster in secondary care in France with focus on herpes zoster ophtalmicus (HZO). Methods: This retrospective analysis was performed using data extracted from the French medical information system during the year 2012. The diagnosis are coded using the international classification of diseases as primary, related or significant associated diagnosis. Results: During the year 2012, 2,509 patients 50 years old and more were admitted secondary to HZ. Among them, 495 were admitted with an HZO (19.7%). The mean age of patients hospitalized were 77 years. The average cost per stay varied between 3,370 euros and 9,191 euros respectively for zoster without complications and for encephalitis. The overall total hospitalization due to HZ and its complications was around 10.2 million euros in France in 2012, 18% of these costs were attributable to hospitalizations for HZO. Conclusion: This study evaluated the cost of hospitalization due to zoster for the French health insurance. This total costs were probably underestimate because the non-exhaustiveness of CIM coding. This study shows the burden of zoster and his cost particularly heavy when ophtalmicus or neurological complications were associated to HZ.