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Exposition au plomb au cours du développement et comportement criminel des adultes : une étude prospective de cohorte de naissance sur 30 ans Volume 21, issue 3, Mai-Juin 2022


This news is based on the following article: Wright JP, Lanphear BP, Dietrich KN, et al. Developmental lead exposure and adult criminal behavior: A
30-year prospective birth cohort study. Neurotox Teratol 2021 ; 85 : 106960. Doi : 10.1016/j.ntt.2021.106960.


This study among a cohort of children from poor neighborhoods in Cincinnati, Ohio (United States) led the authors to observe a relation between blood lead levels and arrests, in particular, for illicit drug offenses. This extremely delicate subject deserves a more critical analysis of the results than that provided by the authors, which fails to avoid an excessively simplistic extrapolation of statistical calculations.