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Health impact assessment of an industrial fire at a chemical plant in Rouen, France. “Santé post–incendie 76, France” project design Volume 20, issue 2, March-April 2021


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1 Santé publique France
Direction des régions
12, rue du Val d’Osne, Allée Vacassy
94410 Saint-Maurice
2 Santé publique France
Direction scientifique et internationale
94410 Saint Maurice
3 Santé publique France
Direction Appui, Traitement et Analyses de données
94410 Saint Maurice
4 Santé publique France
Direction santé environnement et travail
94410 Saint Maurice
5 Santé publique France
Direction des maladies non transmissibles et traumatiques
94410 Saint Maurice
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The French public health agency developed and implemented a project to assess the overall health impact of a major industrial fire at a chemical plant. The aim was to describe all of the fire's health impacts on the general population and exposed workers, including those affecting their mental health and quality of life.

The project includes a cross-sectional survey on perceived health based on a representative sample of the exposed population and a longitudinal follow-up of the exposed population's health status. It also includes an epidemiological surveillance strategy for exposed workers and a study of the relevance and feasibility of conducting a biomonitoring survey to identify possible human overexposure to the compounds emitted during the factory fire.