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ELF magnetic fields (50-60 Hz): Which exposure limits should be applied? Volume 7, issue 3, Mai-Juin 2008


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Service des études médicales d’EDF et de Gaz de France, 22-28, rue Joubert, 75009 Paris, EDF R&D, Site des Renardières, Route de Sens - Ecuelles, 77250 Moret-sur-Loing

The classification of electromagnetic fields (EMF) by the International Association for the Research on Cancer (IARC) in 2001 is based on two pooled epidemiological analyses. The latter may appear to contradict the 1999 European Recommendation setting EMF exposure limits for the public in the 0-300 GHz range, for they report quite different values. The aim of this work is to clarify the foundations on which these various values were established. We conclude that the upper levels of these values are not contradictory; rather, they were developed on different bases for different purposes.