John Libbey Eurotext



Is there any crossed comorbidities between epilepsies and stroke? Volume 22, issue 4, Décembre 2010

Laboratoire ESN, Service de neurologie, Hôpital Général, 3 rue Faubourg Raines, 21000 Dijon

Epilepsy and stroke become more frequent in aged patient but the association of this two pathologies isn't always fortuitous. Post stroke seizures are one of the most frequent cause of epilepsy in aged patient. Some diseases can involve central nervous system with both seizure and stroke. Epilepsy as a risk factor of stroke is not common. Nevertheless, some vascular risk factors can be common between epilepsy and stroke (cardiac hypertension, dyslipidemia, mellitus diabetes). Antiepileptic drugs can cause atherosclerosis lesions and in aging patient more than 60 years old, the occurrence of epilepsy could be the opening witness precession of an unknown cerebrovascular disease.