The Institution of Toul Ar C’hoat: Who is it for? And when? Children with epilepsy at school. Volume 16, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2004

Centre de Toul Ar C’hoat, 29150 Châteaulin, France

Education is a prerequisite to a successfull psychosocial outcome. There is a great risk of learning difficulties in childhood epilepsy. This risk depends on the type of epilepsy, on the psychological consequences and depends also on the effectiveness of the school remediation for specific cognitive deficits. Possible directing to a special school should be early approached by medical doctors. In France, the rehabilitation center of Toul Ar C’hoat is the only secondary college specialized in the care of children with epilepsy and schoolfailure. Epilepsies have variable degrees of severity. Even stabilised or low active epilepsy can provoke longlasting cognitive decline. The objective of a multidisciplinary care programm is to help children regain self-assurance and restart learning. Rehabilitation in ordinary school should be possible after about 2 years. In case of severe epilepsy, the comprehensive progamm intends to offer re-schooling to prepare adapted professional training. This Institution should be preserved, other sites should be developped to answer the important and often underestimated requirements.