Value of electrical brain stimulations of temporal and frontal lobe during SEEG in patients with epilepsies Volume 16, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2004


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Service de Neurochirurgie, hôpital Sainte-Anne, 1 rue Cabanis, 75014 Paris,, Unité Inserm U 573, Centre Paul Broca, 2 ter rue d’Alésia, 75014 Paris

This retrospective study is focused on seizures triggered by direct electrical stimulation of the brain in patients with temporal and frontal lobe epilepsies. Triggered seizures obtained during the SEEG session with depth electrodes were compared to the spontaneous seizures of each patient. The electrical stimulations induce seizures in all patients with temporal lobe epilepsies but only in 55% in patients with frontal lobe epilepsies. Our findings indicate that the hippocampus is more excitable than the cerebral cortex as well as the structural abnormalities of the malformations of the cortical development. However the degree of accordance between electrical and spontaneous seizures is not different for temporal (90%) and frontal seizures (86%). These data are in agreement with the idea that the epileptogenic area is in fact constituted by an epileptogenic network of several brain areas with interactions which will be activated during the genesis of seizures.