Epidemiology of epilepsy in Tone district (Togo) Volume 13, issue 3, Juillet - Août - Septembre 2001


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Service de Neurologie, BP 30284, CHU Campus, Lomé, Togo.

An epidemiological study was conducted from the 1st to the 25th of November 1995 on 9 155 subjects, representative of 194 000 inhabitants, in the Tone district (Togo). The prevalence of epilepsy was 18.6‰. About 65.29% of the patients were under 20 years old, 53.53% had their last seizure less than 30 days before and 12.94% a few hours before or during the survey. In this sample 49.41% presented numerous seizures and status was reported in 7.02%. Generalized seizures represented 52.94% while partial seizures were reported in 47.05% and secondary generalized seizures in 40.59%. Mortality rate in this population of epileptic patients, after a 2-years follow-up, was estimated at 23.5‰.