John Libbey Eurotext

Volume 24, issue 4, August 2022

Review article

Article A systematic review of the efficacy of perampanel as treatment for myoclonic seizures and symptomatic myoclonus (p.633-46)
Ali Mir, Abdulaziz Alghamdi, Wajd Alotaibi, Daniya Samreen, Manar Alotaibi, Raidah Albaradie, Shahid Bashir

Original articles

Article Cu-Zn SOD suppresses epilepsy in pilocarpine-treated rats and alters SCN2A/Nrf2/HO-1 expression (p.647-56)
Fang Wen, Zhi-Gang Tan, Jun Xiang

Article Ictal EEG recording is not mandatory in all candidates for paediatric epilepsy surgery with clear MRI lesions and corresponding seizure semiology (p.657-66)
Konstantin L. Makridis, Christine Prager, Deniz A. Atalay, Sebastian Triller, Tizian Rosenstock, Ulrich-Wilhelm Thomale, Anna Tietze, Christian E. Elger, Angela M. Kaindl

Article Enteral lorazepam is a promising weaning strategy for midazolam-responsive febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome (FIRES): a case series (p.667-76)
Vivek Jain, Ramesh Konanki, Raghuvamshi Chaitra, Kavita Srivastava, Ravi Sharma

En accès libre Clinical characteristics of cognitive impairment and its related risk factors in post-stroke epilepsy (p.677-86)
Hongling Hou, Guoxian Sun, Zuowei Duan, Lihong Tao, Shuai Zhang, Qi Fang
Open Access

Article Use of perampanel in children with refractory epilepsy of genetic aetiology (p.687-95)
Rui Qu, Yuanyuan Dai, Xiangju Qu, Yan Li, Xuejun Shao, Rui Zhou, Yali Zhu, Xuqin Chen

Article Epilepsy in patients with WWOX-related epileptic encephalopathy (WOREE) syndrome (p.697-712)
Raidah Al Baradie, Ali Mir, Ali Alsaif, Mona Ali, Fouad Al Ghamdi, Shahid Bashir, Yousef Howsawi

Clinical commentaries

Article Non-convulsive status epilepticus in the setting of cannabidiol adjunctive therapy (p.713-8)
Asra Tanwir, C. Ákos Szabó
With Video

Article Status epilepticus after gastric bypass surgery (p.719-22)
Nathan Torcida Sedano, Mathieu Daoud, Véronique Del Marmol, Nicolas Gaspard

Case vignettes

Article Anti-Ma2-associated limbic encephalitis presenting with transient epileptic amnesia (p.723-5)
Lorenzo Muccioli, Michele Romoli, Giulia Giannini, Annamaria Borghi, Federica Provini, Pietro Cortelli, Andrea Zini

Article Ketogenic diet for focal epilepsy with SPTAN1 encephalopathy (p.726-8)
Kanako Kishimoto, Shin Nabatame, Kuriko Kagitani-Shimono, Mitsuhiro Kato, Jun Tohyama, Mitsuko Nakashima, Naomichi Matsumoto, Keiichi Ozono

Multimedia teaching materials

En accès libre Diagnosing Lennox-Gastaut syndrome in an adult and its direct impact in epilepsy care (p.729-32)
Fábio A. Nascimento, Elizabeth A. Thiele, Daniel J. Weber

En accès libre Prominent artifact on EEG due to abnormal eye movements (p.733-4)
Roohi Katyal, Jennifer L. Hopp

En accès libre EEG features of 15q duplication syndrome (p.735-6)
Irfan S. Sheikh, Fábio A. Nascimento, Elizabeth Thiele, Ronald Thibert