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Short-term outcomes and major barriers in the management of convulsive status epilepticus in children: a study in Georgia Volume 17, issue 3, September 2015


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1 M.Iashvili Children Central Hospital - Neuroscience
2 Institute of Neurology and Neuropsychology - Epilepsy
3 Neurodevelopment Center - Mental health, Tbilisi, Georgia
* Correspondence: Teona Shatirishvili M. Iashvili Children Central Hospital-Neuroscience, Ljubljana St. No.2/6, Tbilisi 0159, Georgia


Convulsive status epilepticus is the most common childhood neurological emergency in developing countries, where poor healthcare organisation could play a negative role in the management of the condition. Unavailability of second-line injectable anticonvulsants is an additional hindering factor in Georgia. This report reflects the results of the first study aimed at evaluating the epidemiological features of convulsive status epilepticus, as well as identifying obstacles influencing the management of patients with convulsive status epilepticus in Georgia.