Epileptic Disorders


Pathophysiological accounts of language impairments in Landau-Kleffner syndrome Volume 3, issue 3, September 2001

MD, INSERM U. 398, Clinique neurologique, Hôpitaux universitaires de Strasbourg, 67091 Strasbourg Cedex France.
  • Page(s) : 163-4
  • Published in: 2001

In their article "Accessibility of spoken, written and sign language in Landau-Kleffner syndrome: a linguistic and functional MRI study", Sieratzki et al. [1] claim that in LKS persistent aphasia is caused by a hyperexcitability of the speech cortices in response to phonological processing activity rather than by ablation or disconnection. This suggestion based on fMRI studies of language carried out on a patient with normal EEG for 12 years is questionable in certain respects.