John Libbey Eurotext

Non-epileptic clinical diagnoses in children referred for an outpatient EEG using video monitoring Volume 8, issue 2, June 2006

The Roald Dahl EEG Unit, Department of Neurology, Royal Liverpool Children’s Hospital (Alder Hey), Liverpool, United Kingdom

Simultaneous video (closed circuit television [CCTV]) and EEG recordings are important in the differentiation of epileptic and non-epileptic paroxysmal episodes and in the classification of epilepsy syndromes. An additional benefit from the observation of the child on CCTV is the possible identification of specific clinical, including genetic, conditions. This three-year prospective study of 2780 consecutive children undergoing routine EEG investigations identified 17 conditions that had not previously been diagnosed by the clinicians who had requested the EEG.