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European Cytokine Network

European Cytokine Network

Volume 14, issue 4, Oct.-Nov.-Dec.


Volume 14, issue 4, Oct.-Nov.-Dec.


Article Chemokines: role in immune cell traffic (p.204-10)
Bernhard Moser

Research papers

Article Unique pattern of expression and inhibition of IL‐1 signaling by the IL‐1 receptor family member TIR8\SIGIRR (p.211-8)
Nadia Polentarutti, Giselle Penton Rol, Marta Muzio, Daniela Bosisio, Marco Camnasio, Federica Riva, Carla Zoja, Ariela Benigni, Susanna Tomasoni, Annunciata Vecchi, Cecilia Garlanda, Alberto Mantovani

Article Monocyte‐derived dendritic cells exposed to Der p 1  allergen enhance the recruitment of Th2 cells: major involvement of the chemokines TARC\CCL17 and MDC\CCL22 (p.219-28)
Hamida Hammad, Hermelijn H Smits, Céline Ratajczak, Asokananthan Nithiananthan, Eddy A Wierenga, Geoffrey A. Stewart, Alain Jacquet, André‐Bernard Tonnel, Joël Pestel

Article Perfusion of human term placentas with lipopolysaccharide did not affect the capacity of the fetal and maternal tissues to produce interleukin‐10 (p.229-33)
Mahmoud Huleihel, Amash Alaa, Sapir Olga, Maor E, Sharon Levy, Miriam Katz, Lesly Myatt, Holcberg Gershon

Article The cytokine synthesis by heterozygous carriers of the Toll‐like receptor 4 Asp299Gly polymorphism does not differ from that of wild type homozygotes (p.234-7)
Michael Heesen, Brunhilde Bloemeke, Dagmar Kunz

Article Severe malarial anemia associated with increased soluble Fas ligand (sFasL) concentrations in Gabonese children (p.238-41)
Saadou Issifou, Elie Mavoungou, Steffen Borrmann, Marielle K. Bouyou‐Akotet, Pierre‐Blaise Matsiegui, Peter G. Kremsner, Francine Ntoumi

Article Interleukin‐1 receptor antagonist transiently impairs antibacterial defense but not survival in murine pneumococcal pneumonia (p.242-5)
Anita W. Rijneveld, Sandrine Florquin, Peter Speelman, Carl k. Edwards, Charles A. Dinarello, Tom van der Poll

Article Constitutive expression of TGF‐bêta1, interleukin‐6 and interleukin‐8 by tumor cells as a major component of immune escape in human ovarian carcinoma (p.246-55)
Olivier Toutirais, Patricia Chartier, Damien Dubois, Françoise Bouet, Jean Lévêque, Véronique Catros‐Quemener, Noëlle Genetet


Article Sepsis induces DNA fragmentation in rat skeletal muscle (p.256-9)
Vanessa Almendro, Neus Carbó, Sílvia Busquets, Maite Figueras, Luciana Tessitore, Francisco J. López‐Soriano, Josep M. Argilés


Article Alice Kahan, 1928‐2003 (p.260)