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Bulletin du Cancer


Preliminary outcome of breast cancer located at the lower quadrant treated with a thoracomammary flap Volume 95, issue 7, juillet-août 2008


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Service de chirurgie gynécologique, hôpital européen Georges-Pompidou, 75015 Paris, L’Institut du Sein, 7, av. Bugeaud, 75116 Paris

Conservative surgical treatment with wide local excision of lower pole breast carcinoma is a major factor of poor cosmetic results. We propose reconstruction of the inferior part of the breast using a fascio-cutaneous flap during excision of lower pole cancers, particulary in cases of women with small-sized breasts. In 2005, 14 patients were selected to undergo conservative breast surgery with fasciocutaneous flap taken from the fatty area found below the thoraco-mammary fold. This area of tissue was de-epedermized and the rotated to fill the breast defect. Patient were followed to determine carcinologic and cosmetic result as one year. All patients had invasive carcinoma. Mean volume of exised tissue was 43 cm 3. Margins were adequate for 12 patients and the final 2 patients in the serie had to undergo mastectomy for involved margins. At one year, cosmetic results were graded as good by both the surgeon and the patients. Mammograms were satisfactory except for one case of partial liposclerosis of the flap. Preliminary results showed feasibility and relevance of this new technique for breast cancer located at the lower pole.