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Annales de Gérontologie


Crisis management model in institution, application to psychomotor agitation crisis Volume 3, issue 4, décembre 2010


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1 Consultations mémoire et médecin coordonnateur d’Ehpad, Centre Hospitalier de Cholet, 1 rue Marengo, 49325 Cholet cedex, 2 Centre hospitalier spécialisé de Blain le pont-Pietien, Blain , 3 Infirmière référente à l’Ehpad Mon Repos, 4 Professeur des universités, CHU nord, Boulevard Jacques Monod, Saint-Herblain

Crisis situations in nursing homes are quite common because of the increase of the polypathological profile of the resident which is also mostly affected by Alzheimer's disease or other dementias. They are difficult to predict but some crisis can be avoided and their impact can be reduced if they are the subject of care guidelines. The objective of this study is to propose a simple model of management of a crisis situation in a nursing home. In order to build this model, we employed crisis management tools that are used in companies to apply them in five nursing homes. This study allowed us to identify a set of keywords that can be used to elaborate care guidelines. The elaborated management tool was successfully applied in an “acute behavior disorder” and in a sanitary crisis.