Annales de Biologie Clinique


Medical biology in France: evolution and issues Volume 80, issue 6, November-December 2022

pour le Groupe de travail interacadémique des Académies nationales de médecine et de pharmacie : Philippe Chatron2, Jean-Louis Gueant1, Yves Le Bouc1, François-Xavier Maquart1, Bernard Massoubre2, Nathalie Rives1, Claude Vigneron2.
1 Membre de l’Académie nationale de médecine
2 Membre de l’Académie nationale de pharmacie
Correspondance : M. Delpech

Medical biology is an essential part of patient care, both for the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases and for certain therapeutic advances. However, in recent years, it has been confronted with fundamental questions concerning its future. This report is the follow-up to the one published in 2018 by the National Academies of Medicine and Pharmacy and unfortunately only confirms a strong deterioration at all levels. The public authorities do not assume their role of regulator, thus allowing the excessive financialization of Medical Biology to grow considerably and lead to disproportionate groupings of Medical Biology Laboratories (MBL), destructive and sources of health risks. The result is that the Medical Biology Laboratories in towns, which are already known to be poorly distributed, are gradually becoming simple sampling sites, with patients finding themselves alone, often anxious, with their results sent to them by Internet without interpretation. Moreover, although progress in the field of Medical Biology is incredible and should constitute a major pole of attraction for young people, the disaffection of the discipline is total and worrying. Finally, innovation, in the context of current technological progress: connected devices, artificial intelligence and big data, represents a major challenge for the future. Here again, little or nothing is being done, even though the challenges are immense. After these alarming observations, the report will end with a series of recommendations aimed at optimizing the entry of MBL into a new era.