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ONCORA ENT Thesaurus

Thesaurus ONCORA ORL

coordonné par Fadila Farsi

Collection : Thésaurus Oncora
96 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Oncology - Cancer   ENT medicine (Ear Nose and Throat medicine)  

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ISBN : 2-7420-0566-8
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The ONCORA ENT group, which is responsible for this book, is composed of members from different disciplines and working for various institutions in the Rhône-Alpes region, especially the Regional Cancer Treatment Centre and Lyon University Hospital.
They have put together what is regarded as a distillation of best practices in the region.
The book brings together the combined expertise of all those entities, showing the experts' willingness to cooperate and share their knowledge with a common goal: to provide quality care for people suffering from ENT cancer.
The decision-making trees in the book are the work of radiotherapists, chemotherapists, anatomopathologists and radiologists who cooperated on drawing up best practices as part of the ONCORA network.
The various aspects of ENT cancer covered in the book were selected in accordance with the priorities put forward by doctors in the network and therefore reflect the main concerns of caring for cancer patients.
- Cancers de la cavité buccale
- Cancers de l’oropharynx
- Cancers de l’hypopharynx
- Cancers du larynx
- Cancers des fosses nasales
et sinus paranasaux
- Cancer du cavum
- Cancer des glandes salivaires
- Adénopathies cervicales métastatiques à primitif inconnu