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Reinventing Research 2000

Réinventer la recherche

G. Tobelem

Collection : Initiatives et Réflexion / Entretiens
188 pages
Published in : French
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ISBN : 2-7420-0338-X
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In the spirit of the previous conference, "Tomorrow the University", held at the end of 1998, the CIRRES brought together representatives of government bodies, universities and research laboratories for a fascinating discussion about the future of research in France.
The crisis which French research has been going through in the past few years (lack of resources, the brain drain to the United States, low productivity…) raises questions about the place of France and of Europe in international - chiefly American - competition.
In the presence of former French education minister François Bayrou, the major issues dealt with in this book were discussed:
• What is research and why is it necessary?
• Research, culture, territory.
• How to ensure that research is competitive.
• Relations between science and society. Distribution of knowledge: a challenge to democracy and how best to use new technologies.

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