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Recent Advances in General Paediatrics

Recent Advances in General Paediatrics

Eric Mallet, Richard Medeiros

Collection : Recent advances
240 pages
Published in : English
Speciality : Pediatrics and Neonatology  

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ISBN : 9782742007073
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Paediatrics, whether in private or hospital practise, encounters various cases involving other specialties.
This book was designed for paediatricians hoping to keep abreast of recent advances in paediatrics.
It was produced by the Charles Nicolle International Conference in Rouen, during which many specialists of international renown and various nationalities (S. Plotkin, H. Lagercrantz, M. O. Savage, O. Dulac etc.) came to present the latest developments in their specialty.
The first part of the book includes a brief summary in French of the speeches made at this conference.
The second part presents the full text of the speeches in English.
A part of the “Recent Advances” collection, this work contains key articles written both for clinicians and for interns in paediatrics, or for private physicians.
A reference book that should be included in the library of all paediatricians.

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