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A better understanding of kidney cancer

A better understanding of kidney cancer

B. Escudier, A. Méjean

Collection : Dialogue Médecin-Malade
48 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Oncology - Cancer    
Format : 13x18

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ISBN : 978-2-7420-0794-3
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Kidney cancer treatment has greatly changed over the past five years.
Diagnosis, which has become increasingly more accurate, has made it possible to distinguish several types of kidney cancers with extremely variable prognoses.
Genetics can now detect early forms of kidney cancer; therefore, it helps to improve any screening in patients at risk.
However, change has been particularly noticeable in both surgical and medical treatments.
More targeted, more accurate, better tolerated, easier to use, these treatments have not only improved survival rates but offered unprecedented hope in controlling cancerous illnesses with a better tolerance.
Nevertheless, there are still a great number of questions that the medical research needs to clarify.
This practical guide will help patients with this disease, and their friends and family, to find the answers to the genuine questions they have.
They will be better informed and better armed to respond to treatments.
This illustrated guide will also be an invaluable tool for doctors in their daily practice and concern about answering patients’ questions about kidney cancer with greater honesty, simplicity and expertise.


Kidneys in the body
What is kidney cancer?
Who can be affected by kidney cancer?
How is kidney cancer generally discovered?
What to do when discovering a kidney tumour
What treatment for localised kidney tumour
What treatment against metastases
How to live with kidney cancer

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