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Lasers in dermatology (4th Edition)

Lasers in dermatology (4th Edition)

Hugues Cartier, Serge Dahan, Bertrand Pusel

Collection : Dermatologie pratique
Publishor : DOIN
368 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Dermatology and Venereology  
Format : 17 x 24 cm

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ISBN : 978-2-7040-1532-0
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This new edition is the result of the sharing, by several reference authors and members of the Laser Group, of their secondary research and their many years of experience.

From the fundamentals to safety, the specialists present the therapeutic, medical and aesthetic indications of lasers and related technologies, as well as at-home skin care devices. The variety and complexity of uses and indications for the same device are detailed in the different chapters, and supplemented by a large amount of practical and scientific information.

This book will provide readers with the knowledge required to make appropriate decisions, perform the right procedures in all safety and understand the challenges of a technology that has continued to grow in recent years.
Lasers in dermatology is the French and French-language reference tool for all laser physicians; this fourth edition will arouse curiosity and complete the readers’ knowledge of these advanced technologies.



Section 1 • Laser physics
Section 2 • Optical radiation and safety
Section 3 • Vascular lasers
Section 4 • Hair removal lasers
Section 5 • Lasers for pigmented lesions
Section 6 • Pulsed polychromatic lamps
Section 7 • Photobiomodulation and LEDs: an ecological technique adapted to the skin ecosystem
Section 8 • Conventional ablative lasers
Section 9 • Fractional lasers and related technologies
Section 10 • Infrared lasers, remodelling and acne
Section 11 • Radiofrequencies and the face
Section 12 • Body remodelling
Section 13 • Focused ultrasound
Section 14 • Dynamic phototherapy
Section 15 • Comprehensive patient management in aesthetic dermatology and lasers
Section 16 • Creation of a dermatological laser centre
Section 17 • Medical responsibility and dermatological lasers
Section 18 • Combined techniques using lasers and related technologies