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Biotechnologies: The Right to Know

Biotechnologies: The Right to Know

G. Tobelem

Collection : Initiatives et Réflexion
280 pages
Published in : French
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ISBN : 2-7420-0220-0
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Fascinating yet at the same time worrying, biotechnologies are taking over our lives a little more each day. They provide solutions to real problems in the fields of health, agriculture and the environment. They promise enormous financial gains that are driving a powerful industrial motor. Yet some advances, such as cloning and genetically engineered plants, have met with strong resistance.
Should we, and can we still, reject them? Some people have doubts, as everything seems to be going too fast; others hope to make money from new breakthroughs; and yet others, fatalistic, powerless and ill-informed, simply wait to see what will happen. To help the layman form a personal and informed opinion, the authors invite the reader to acquire the background information needed to take part in the debate.

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