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L’art des injections en esthétique

L’art des injections en esthétique

Rajeunissement et embellissement du visage

Lakhdar Belhaouari, Claire Beylot, Thierry Michaud, Véronique Gassia, Pierre Quinodoz

Collection : Esthétique dermatologique, médicale et chirurgicale
Publishor : ARNETTE
312 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Plastic surgery, Reconstructive and Aesthetic   Dermatology and Venereology   Aesthetic medicine  
Format : 17 x 24 cm

Print 85.00 €
ISBN : 978-2-7184-1591-8
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With the support of a rich and incomparable iconography, a precise "step by step" for each injection technique. in a process of quality, safety, ethics and response to the requirements of aesthetic patients.

Hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin injections are the two leading techniques in aesthetics, highly complementary and essential in beautification and rejuvenation.

These techniques are evolving and new concepts have appeared, so it is important for the practitioner to have a complete, up-to-date and perfectly documented work. Written by five experts with nationally and internationally recognized skills, The Art of Injections in Aesthetics thus offers an exhaustive panorama of anatomoclinical knowledge and injection techniques.

Based on an exceptional iconography of more than 400 documents (diagrams, illustrations, photos of technical gestures or dissections), the authors first of all offer a vast reminder of basic knowledge: anatomical study, clinical analysis, facial dynamics, aging process, etc.

Then, step by step, they deliver the keys to the know-how to master the procedure, consider the right indications, choose the right product, the optimal quantity to be injected at the right anatomical level, for all areas of the face, in order to obtain an optimal, natural result and avoid undesirable effects and complications.

The book also describes new concepts such as myomodulation, which makes it possible to take advantage of the complementarity of the two products, or facial morphoaesthetics, which proposes a specific analysis and approach according to the patient's request, age, sex and ethnotype.

Repeated reading and consultation of this richly illustrated book will allow the practitioner to acquire and perfect his expertise for the mastery, in all its dimensions, of his aesthetic art.



Dr Lakhdar Belhaouari
Center for Aesthetic Surgery, Toulouse, France

Dr Claire Beylot
Dermatologist, Bordeaux, France

Dr Véronique Gassia
Dermatologist, Toulouse, France

Dr Thierry Michaud
Dermatologist, Mulhouse, France

Dr Pierre Quinodoz
Dermatologist, Genève, Suisse

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