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Quality / The Medication Workshops, Volume 6

La Qualité / Ateliers Nationaux du Médicament, volume 6

Collection : Ateliers Nationaux du Médicament
Co-Publishor : Syndicat National de l'Industrie Pharmaceutique/Agence du Medicament/John Libbey Eurotext
144 pages
Published in : French
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ISBN : 2-7420-0299-5
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The National Quality Workshops (Medication) were organised by the French National Pharmaceutical Industry Organisation and the Regional Group of Pharmaceutical Establishments for Central France, with the active participation of the Drugs Agency and French manufacturers.

The debate focuses on the following themes:

- The organisation of change and management of variants, or how to reconcile manufacturing realities and conformity with legislation.
- The manufacturing constraints on drugs for clinical tests.
- Validation of computerised and automated production systems.
- The environment of areas for the production of non-sterile forms.

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