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Intubation. From oxygenation to difficult intubation (2nd edition)

Intubation. From oxygenation to difficult intubation (2nd edition)

Equipment. Decisions. Remedies

Christian Erb, Hervé Menu, Eric Wiel

Collection : Collection Verte
Publishor : ARNETTE
304 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Anesthesiology - reanimation   Emergency  
Format : 13 x 18 cm

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ISBN : 978-2-7184-1516-1
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Assistance with decision-making and precise action in normal and difficult situations

After a reminder of anatomy and respiratory physiology emphasizing the importance of pre-oxygenation, the authors of this practical guide discuss airway control applied to ventilation and endotracheal intubation techniques under normal conditions, before focusing on clinical signs that predict difficult ventilation and intubation.

The second part of this book, which is voluntarily operational, deals with the different techniques for dealing with difficult situations. It emphasizes the management of extubation and ends with a pedagogical chapter in which realistic simulation has taken a prominent place.

This new edition includes the latest formalized recommendations from French and international experts in which glottiscopes and videolaryngoscopes play an essential role. It also provides an update of the bibliography, which has been enriched over the years.

A true practical guide to intubation, this richly illustrated pocket book, full of colour, will help you to make a precise gesture.