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Lower respiratory tract infections in children

Infections respiratoires basses de l'enfant

Dominique Gendrel

Collection : Médecine Thérapeutique Pédiatrie - Hors-séries
104 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Cardiology  

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ISBN : 2-7420-0273-1
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Infections of the lower respiratory tract in children form a large proportion of pediatric infectious pathology and are responsible for 10% of hospitalizations. These infections are very frequent and present numerous problems:
- they are difficult to diagnose (on average, the causative agent is identified in only 50-85% of cases);
- they are among the main reasons for prescribing antibiotics, and the steady increase in the resistance of pneumococci to these drugs complicates treatment strategies.
This special issue is devoted to discussing these difficulties.
The purpose of this work - and the one-day conference from which it arose - is to pool different views and to act as a forum for discussion of a problem that is frequently met in pediatrics.
The articles assembled in this issue reflect the latest knowledge about these various pathologies, covering epidemiological, bacteriological and virological studies, plus treatment suggestions. The authors also deal with the medium- and long-term consequences of these infections.

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