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Guide to Practical Ultrasound and Vascular Approaches (GUEPAV)

Guide d'Echographie Pratique et Abords Vasculaires (GUEPAV)

Anesthesia - Resuscitation - Emergency Medicine - Surgery

Eric Desruennes

Collection : Collection Verte
Publishor : ARNETTE
Co-Publishor : Avec la collaboration d'Elisabeth Gaertner et Jacques Hotton
112 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Anesthesiology - reanimation   General Surgery   Emergency  
Format : 16 x 11 cm

Print 36.00 €
ISBN : 978-2-7184-1590-1
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This practical guide, simple in its design, is intended to help the operator learn and master the echo-guidance of venous and arterial approaches, which has become essential in the operating room as well as in resuscitation and emergency medicine, in adults and children.

Its conception is based on a step-by-step pedagogy thanks to anatomical diagrams and their correspondence in ultrasound, which leads to a meticulous description of the technique for all vascular approaches.

Intended for anaesthetists, intensive care units, emergency physicians, surgeons who insert long-term intravenous devices, and nurses in advanced practice, this guide is presented in the form of summary sheets:
- with a simple and effective approach: one gesture / one image ;
- richly illustrated;
- in a very practical format for use directly in the OR.

Finally, it includes an entire chapter devoted to methods of positioning the central venous approaches (fluoroscopy, ECG) as well as the pitfalls sometimes encountered: false routes, anatomical variants.

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