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Post-operative evisceration

Post-operative evisceration

Rapport présenté au 121e congrès français de chirurgie, 2019

Jean-François Gillion, Pablo Ortega-Deballon, Benoît Romain

Collection : Monographies de l'Association Française de Chirurgie
Publishor : ARNETTE
Co-Publishor : Avec la participation de Yohann Renard
210 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : General Surgery   Visceral surgery  
Format : 16 x 24 cm

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ISBN : 978-2-7184-1517-8
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The French Association of Surgery organizes each year the congress which gathers all the practitioners of the field. This collection publishes two monographs on the themes proposed by the congress. These books offer a perfectly updated body of knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.

This report, which comes from the 121st French Surgical Congress, deals with the evisceration occurring on a surgical incision.

It is intended for surgeons with a general practice more than abdominal wall specialists.

Its purpose is to draw up an inventory of events in the French-speaking world. This pedagogical summary of the scientific literature is based on post-operative eviscerations:

▪ their frequency and characteristics,

▪ their natural history,

▪ the means of prevention,

▪ the operating indications and the methods of management,

▪ surgical techniques,

▪ perioperative management,

▪ and the management of postoperative complications.