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Aging Psychotics

Aging Psychotics

Georges Jovelet

Collection : L'Offre de soins en psychiatrie
208 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Medical Ethics   Geriatrics   General medicine   Neuropsychiatry   Psychiatry   Psychology   Health system  
Format : 17 x 24 cm

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ISBN : 978-2-7420-1465-1
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• This work addresses a taboo subject about which it is difficult to find recent documented data: the outcome of patients suffering from psychotic diseases.

• What should be done when the psychotic patient ages and there is no appropriate care structure? Most of the time, elderly “mentally ill” patients are “placed” as quickly as possible (often as early as 60 years of age) in retirement homes, while the majority of residents enter them at age 80.

In this context, what management should be offered for these atypical patients, with a combination of mental illness and age-related diseases?

• The author reviews the various issues, with a human focus; he proposes avenues for reflection and solutions for this societal problem.


Georges Jovelet
Hospital Psychiatrist, Department Head, Manager of Sector of Psychiatry in Elderly Subjects, Alcoholism, EPSMD of Prémontré (Aisne)
Membre of the National Office of the Syndicate of Hospital Psychiatrists and Vice President of the Society of Psychiatric Information



Chapter 1
Chronic psychosis and logic of medical socialisation

Chapter 2
Being psychotic and old; review of notions, social identity

Chapter 3
The Ehpad, a possible structure for managing psychotic subjects?

Chapter 4
The Ehpad, care and institutional culture

Chapter 5
The policy of psychiatry regarding Ehpads

Chapter 6
A historical constant : social segregation

Chapter 7
Observational survey among medical-social institutions

Chapter 8
Avenues of change, innovative solutions, future





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