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Biology and pathology of the heart and vessels - 3rd edition

Biologie et pathologie du cœur et des vaisseaux - 3e édition

Groupe de réflexion sur la recherche cardiovasculaire (GRRC), filiale de la Société Française de Cardiologie

Collection : Hors collection
544 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Biology   Medical Biology and Physiology   Cardiology   Vascular medicine  
Format : 21 x 27 cm

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ISBN : 9782742015818
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3rd edition of the reference treaty

This 3rd edition, which has been extensively modified, was coordinated by the Groupe de réflexion et de recherche cardiovasculaire (GRRC), a subsidiary of the French Cardiovascular Society (SFC), which called on French or French-speaking cardiovascular specialists. This international opening makes it possible to draw up a complete overview of current knowledge and identify the challenges facing cardiovascular biology research.

Ten years after the previous edition, not only have the basic knowledge previously covered been updated, but the book now proposes three new parts: metabolism, valves and cellular and molecular biology of the cardiovascular system, which are emerging themes in the cardiovascular field.

This new edition thus testifies to the originality, diversity and vitality of cardiovascular research. It also reflects the specificity of the GRRC to build close links between basic scientists and clinicians, while maintaining a comprehensive and informed presentation of these disciplines.

This reference book is intended for the entire French-speaking community, from scientists to physicians, from young researchers to laboratory directors, and presents an integrated vision of the main cardiovascular themes at the physiological, metabolic, cellular and molecular levels.


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