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Advances in Magnesium Research: New Data

Advances in Magnesium Research: New Data


Collection : Advances in Magnesium research
280 pages
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The International Symposia and the European Congresses on Magnesium, organized every 3rd year under the auspices of the Society for the Development of Research on Magnesium, became traditional manifestations, very appreciated by all fundamental and clinical researchers in the field.
The last one was the 8th European Magnesium Congress, held in Cluj, Romania. It gave the opportunity for extensive discussions and interchange of information between researchers from all over the world, not only from Europe, in this exciting field of research. From more than 60 plenary lectures, oral communications and posters, the most interesting contributions have been selected in this proceedings-volume.
I. Opening lecture ; Clinical forms of magnesium depletion with hypofunction of the biological clock, by J. Durlach
II. Magnesium and neurosciences
Magnesium: out of sight, out of mind?
Variations of magnesium concentrations in psychosis
Serum magnesium concentrations in migraine with aura
III. Magnesium and cardio-vascular diseases
Protective effects of magnesium and orotic acid on the cardiovascular system and brain functions
Drug treatment in acute myocardial infarction. The position of magnesium - a critical review
The relationships between magnesium deficiency and cardio-cerebrovascular risk factors
Role of magnesium in essential hypertension in teenagers
Effects of magnesium sulfate and its association with mepivacaine and antihypertensives on isolated frog hearts
IV. Magnesium and nutrition
Value of raising magnesium to calcium intake ratio for health
Plasma magnesium content in patients with chronic renal failure treated with a low-protein diet
Comparative study about the blood levels of calcium and magnesium at two groups of elderly persons related to their nutritional intake
Importance of magnesium dose in the treatment of hypertension
V. Magnesium and pediatrics
The 30-years experience of the Cluj-Napoca 2nd pediatrics clinic concerning the children’s deficiency of magnesium
Magnesium homeostasis in early neonatal period
VI. Magnesium, gastroenterology, metabolism and endocrinology
Digestive manifestations of magnesium deficiency
Can long term magnesium supplementation stabilize the progression of diabetic retinopathy in magnesium-depleted type 1 diabetic patients?
Magnesium influence on lipid-lowering effect of fenofibrate in non-insulinodependent diabetes mellitus patients
Effects of risk factors for chronic degenerative diseases on magnesium metabolism in human
The behaviour of circulatory magnesium in experimental goiter
VII. Magnesium and cell functions
Molecular biology of the CorA-Mrs2-A1r1 family of magnesium transport proteins
Magnesium and calcium-modulated mitochondrial functions
Magnesium and the muscle cell
Magnesium in the nutrition of man
VIII. Magnesium and sport
Magnesium supplementation in soccer players: effects on metals related to antioxidant defense
Urea and ammonia levels in serum after an ergometer bicycle test in athletes on magnesium supplementation
IX. Posters

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