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Sciences sociales et santé


L’espace du fauteuil roulant. Sociabilité ambulatoire en institution gériatrique Volume 22, numéro 4, Décembre 2004

Université Paris X-Nanterre, 102, avenue de la République, 92000, Nanterre, FRANCE
  • Page(s) : 73-99
  • Année de parution : 2004

The wheelchair is a common object in geriatric institutions, but its use is not obvious. It reveals the limits to the mobility sustaining by the physical organization of space to which architects are sensitive, and it calls often for the intervention of a third person. This particularity informs the social dimension required by its progression. In that way, the wheelchair determines a frame of ambulatory sociability inside the building, schematised here by the figure of a motorway metaphor. It distributes places and identities to the persons who are around it, while allowing the elderly who depends on it to achieve his appropriation of space. Copyright John Libbey Eurotext 2003.