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Magnesium Research

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Magnesium Research

Volume 21, numéro 2, June 2008


Volume 21, numéro 2, June 2008

Short Report

En accès libre A connection between magnesium deficiency and aging: new insights from cellular studies (p.77-82)
David W Killilea, Jeanette AM Maier

En accès libre Magnesium and the control of cell proliferation: looking for a needle in a haystack (p.83-91)
Federica I Wolf, Valentina Trapani, Achille Cittadini

En accès libre Exercise, magnesium and immune function (p.92-6)
Maria José Laires, Cristina Monteiro

En accès libre Interactions between magnesium and psychotropic drugs (p.97-100)
Mihai Nechifor

original article

En accès libre The effects of magnesium prophylaxis in migraine without aura (p.101-8)
Emel Köseoglu, Abdullah Talaslıoglu, Ali Saffet Gönül, Mustafa Kula

En accès libre Magnesium, calcium and trace elements distribution in serum, erythrocytes, and hair of patients with chronic renal failure (p.109-17)
Maria Długaszek, Mirosława Szopa, Jacek Rzeszotarski, Piotr Karbowiak

En accès libre Expression and functional activity of the Na/Mg exchanger, TRPM7 and MagT1 are changed to regulate Mg homeostasis and transport in rumen epithelial cells (p.118-23)
Monika Schweigel, Martin Kolisek, Zoran Nikolic, Judith Kuzinski

En accès libre Effects of long-term dietary intake of magnesium on oxidative stress, apoptosis and ageing in rat liver (p.124-30)
Hélène Martin, Béatrice Uring-Lambert, Markus Adrian, Abdeslam Lahlou, Alexandre Bonet, Céline Demougeot, Sylvie Devaux, Pascal Laurant, Lysiane Richert, Alain Berthelot


En accès libre European Meeting on Magnesium - EuroMag Paris 2008 (p.131-52)