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Magnesium Research

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Magnesium Research

Volume 18, numéro 4, december 2005


Volume 18, numéro 4, december 2005


En accès libre Editorial (p.205-6)
Jean Durlach

Original article

En accès libre Early onset of a decreased intracellular magnesium and phosphate concentration in smooth muscle cell of SHR (p.207-13)
K Kisters, F Wessels, ER Krefting, B Gremmler, M Quang Nguyen, J Kozianka, P Franitza, F Tokmak, M Hausberg

En accès libre Study of magnesium bioavailability from ten organic and inorganic Mg salts in Mg-depleted rats using a stable isotope approach (p.215-23)
C Coudray, M Rambeau, C Feillet-Coudray, E Gueux, JC Tressol, A Mazur, Y Rayssiguier

En accès libre Severe Mg-deficiency is not associated with endothelial cell activation in mouse lung (p.225-34)
F Sabbagh, F Lecerf, P Maurois, P Bac, M German-Fattal

En accès libre Effect of Mg-deficiency on endothelial cell allogeneic activation in a model of isolated perfused mouse lung (p.235-40)
F Sabbagh, F Lecerf, P Maurois, P Bac, M German-Fattal

En accès libre Assessment of serum ionized magnesium levels in healthy volunteers, in patients with coronary artery disease and/or hypertension and in hypertension alone (p.241-4)
P Kozielec, L Kotkowiak, J Późniak, A Salacka, I Hornowska, J Brodowski, P Michón

En accès libre The relationship between magnesium, epinephrine and norepinephrine blood concentrations during CABG with normovolemic hemodilution (p.245-52)
K Pasternak, W Dąbrowski, T Wyciszczok, A Korycińska, J Dobija, J Biernacka, Z Rzecki

En accès libre The degree of lymphocytic mitochondrial transmembrane potential and blood magnesium concentrations during coronary artery bypass grafting (p.253-60)
A Korycińska, W Dąbrowski, Z Rzecki, M Dragan, P Pożarowski, J Wrońska, J Stążka, K Pasternak, J Roliński

En accès libre Serum magnesium, copper and zinc concentration changes in lower limb ischemia and postoperative treatment (p.261-7)
M Iskra, D Barałkiewicz, W Majewski, M Pioruńska-Stolzmann

En accès libre The membrane, magnesium, mitosis (MMM) model of cell proliferation control (p.268-74)
Harry Rubin

En accès libre Magnesium and ischemic heart disease: a review of epidemiological, experimental, and clinical evidences (p.275-84)
Kenji Ueshima


En accès libre Abstracts of Journal of Elementology Vol.10, 2005, n°1 and 2 (p.285-91)