Efficience économique des maisons médicales de garde. L'exemple du Val-de-Marne Volume 10, numéro 3, Mars 2014

Interne en médecine générale, Faculté Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris

Context. Management of unscheduled and out-of-hours services is a topical issue in France and throughout Europe. This study provides an assessment of costs and efficiency of Medical Care Centres in the department of Val-de-Marne. Method. We estimated the average cost of care per patient in the Medical Care Centres and Hospital Emergency Services in the department of Val-de-Marne (key consideration) and the impact of the creation of the Association of Medical Care Centres on the activity of various structures over the period of observation (secondary consideration). Results. In 2011, 36,473 patients were supported for a total of e 3,359,915 or e 92.10 per passage (average cost for 14 Hospital Emergency Services of the Val-de-Marne: e 144.90). The threshold efficiency calculated for Medical Care Centres is 3 passes for work on duty from 8pm to midnight and 2 for those weekends and holidays. Over the 2008-2011 period, The Ile-de-France region experienced an increase of 10.4% in attendance Hospital Emergency Services, in Val-de-Marne it was significantly less (6.4%). Conclusion. This study shows the economic efficiency of the medical facility. A more detailed analysis could not be carried out due to insufficient data.