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Assessing the health impacts of housing conditions. The French Domiscore in light of experience gained from the English Housing and Health Safety Rating System (HHSRS) development Volume 19, numéro 6, Novembre-Décembre 2020

1 Service des études médicales d’EDF (SEM)
Immeuble Smartside
4, rue Floréal
75017 Paris
2 Warwick Law School
University of Warwick
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Ensuring a safe and healthy home for everyone has become one of the most important challenge of our age. The potential effect of housing conditions on health has been recognised for some time, but the recent enforced lockdown and decreased people mobility as part of the responses toCovid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for healthy housing. It has emphasised and made people more aware of the huge inequities between households living in a spacious house with a garden (even if it still may have [...]