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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the International League Against Epilepsy

Volume 15, numéro 3, September 2013

Review article

En accès libre Cognitive outcomes of different surgical approaches in temporal lobe epilepsy (p.221-39)
Christoph Helmstaedter

Invited editorial comment

En accès libre Myoclonic epilepsy in infancy: one or two diseases? (p.241-2)
Stéphane Auvin, Julitta de Bellescize, Charlotte Dravet

Original article

En accès libre Newly-diagnosed epileptic seizures in three populations: Geneva (EPIGEN), Martinique (EPIMART), and the Reunion Island (EPIREUN) (p.243-54)
Devender Bhalla, Pierre-Marie Preux, Claude Mignard, Didier Smadja, Achille Edem Tchalla, Benoît Marin, Pierre Jallon

En accès libre Adult tonic-clonic convulsive status epilepticus over the last 11 years in a resource-poor country: a tertiary referral centre study from southern Thailand (p.255-61)
Kanitpong Phabphal, Alan Geater, Kitti Limapichart, Pornchai Sathirapanya, Suwanna Setthawatcharawanich

En accès libre Self-reported quality of life in pharmacoresistant temporal lobe epilepsy: correlation with clinical variables and memory evaluation (p.263-71)
Mario Arturo Alonso-Vanegas, José Miguel Cisneros-Franco, Carlos Castillo-Montoya, Alma Rosa Martínez-Rosas, María Esther Gómez-Pérez, Francisco Rubio-Donnadieu

En accès libre The association between CCL2 polymorphisms and drug-resistant epilepsy in Chinese children (p.272-7)
Xuelian He, Ying Li, Zhisheng Liu, Xin Yue, Peiwei Zhao, Jiasheng Hu, Gefei Wu, Bing Mao, Dan Sun, Huanian Zhang, Xinwen Song, Yang Wang, Jianbo Shao

En accès libre Management and monitoring of patients treated with zonisamide: the OZONE study (p.278-88)
Sophie Dupont, Arnaud Biraben, Gilles Lavernhe, Thierry Marquet, Bashar Allaf

En accès libre Adherence to treatment and influencing factors in a sample of Chinese epilepsy patients (p.289-94)
Jianming Liu, Zhiliang Liu, Hu Ding, Xiaohong Yang

En accès libre The clinical outcome of adjuvant therapy with black seed oil on intractable paediatric seizures: a pilot study (p.295-301)
May Shawki, Lamia El Wakeel, Rania Shatla, Gamila EL-Saeed, Samira Ibrahim, Osama Badary

En accès libre The long-term efficacy and safety of levetiracetam in a tertiary epilepsy centre (p.302-10)
Bong Su Kang, Hye Jin Moon, Young-Soo Kim, Soon-Tae Lee, Keun-Hwa Jung, Kon Chu, Sang Kun Lee

En accès libre End of the barbexaclone era: an experience of treatment withdrawal (p.311-3)
Feray Bolukbasi, Sakir Delil, Eser Bulus, Asli Senturk, Naz Yeni, Naci Karaagac

En accès libre A common reference-based indirect comparison meta-analysis of intravenous valproate versus intravenous phenobarbitone for convulsive status epilepticus (p.314-23)
Francesco Brigo, Stanley C Igwe, Raffaele Nardone, Frediano Tezzon, Luigi Giuseppe Bongiovanni, Eugen Trinka

Clinical commentary with video sequences

En accès libre Presentation, diagnosis and treatment of bilateral Rasmussen's encephalitis in a 12-year-old female (p.324-32)
Katrina Peariso, Shannon M Standridge, Barbara E Hallinan, James L Leach, Lili Miles, Francesco T Mangano, Hansel M Greiner
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En accès libre Mapping of cingulate motor function by cortical stimulation (p.333-7)
Maysaa M Basha, Guadalupe Fernández-Baca Vaca, Hans O Lüders
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En accès libre Seizure semiology reflects spread from frontal to temporal lobe: evolution of hyperkinetic to automotor seizures as documented by invasive EEG video recordings (p.338-41)
Fadime Irsel Tezer, Kadriye Agan, Ingo Borggraefe, Soheyl Noachtar
Avec vidéo

En accès libre Opercular myoclonic-anarthric status epilepticus due to glutamic acid decarboxylase antibody-associated encephalitis (p.342-6)
Bruno Zanotelli Monnerat, Tonicarlo Rodrigues Velasco, Frederico Nakane Nakano, Alexandre Veriano Júnior, Ana Paula Pinheiro Martins, Américo Ceiki Sakamoto
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En accès libre Electroconvulsive therapy for psychosis in a patient with epilepsy related to hypothalamic hamartoma (p.347-51)
Elisabeth Ruppert, Laurence Lalanne, Jack Foucher, Marie-Agathe Zimmermann, Edouard Hirsch, Pierre Vidailhet

En accès libre Successful treatment of early myoclonic encephalopathy using lidocaine and carbamazepine (p.352-7)
Kousuke Nakano, Katsuhiro Kobayashi, Satoshi Maniwa, Nobuyuki Kodani, Yoko Ohtsuka

En accès libre Anorgasmia during pregabalin add-on therapy for partial seizures (p.358-61)
Rocco Salvatore Calabrò, Rosaria De Luca, Patrizia Pollicino, Placido Bramanti

En accès libre Clinical course of intoxication with the new anticonvulsant drug perampanel (p.362-4)
Anselm C. Hoppner, Susanne Fauser, Frank Kerling