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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the International League Against Epilepsy

Volume 11, numéro 1, March 2009

Review article

En accès libre Antiepileptic drugs and psychopathology of epilepsy: an update (p.1-9)
Marco Mula, Francesco Monaco

Original article

En accès libre Altered EEG spectral activity and attentional behavioral deficits following prolonged febrile seizures: a pilot study (p.10-9)
Sarah Lippé, Marie-Sylvie Roy, Claudine Arcand, Morris H Scantlebury, Lionel Carmant, Maryse Lassonde

En accès libre Fixation-off sensitivity in epilepsies other than the idiopathic epilepsies of childhood with occipital paroxysms: a 12-year clinical-video EEG study (p.20-36)
Michail Koutroumanidis, Katerina Tsatsou, Sue Sanders, Michael Michael, Stella V Tan, Alexandros Agathonikou, Chrysostomos P Panayiotopoulos

En accès libre Epileptic negative drop attacks in atypical benign partial epilepsy: a neurophysiological study (p.37-41)
Yoshiko Hirano, Hirokazu Oguni, Makiko Osawa

En accès libre Stressors at the onset of adult epilepsy: implications for practice (p.42-7)
Sheila Koutsogiannopoulos, Francine Adelson, Virginia Lee, Frederick Andermann

En accès libre Atypical glycine encephalopathy in an extremely low birth weight infant: description of a new mutation and clinical and electroencephalographic analysis (p.48-53)
José Manuel Pardal-Fernández, María Carmen Carrascosa-Romero, Carlos de Cabo-de la Vega, Ivan Iniesta-López, Esther Gil-Pons, Andrés Martínez-Gutiérrez

En accès libre Non-paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis associated with antibodies to potassium channels leading to bilateral hippocampal sclerosis in a pre-pubertal girl (p.54-9)
Judith Kröll-Seger, Christian G Bien, Hans-Jürgen Huppertz

En accès libre Efficacy and tolerability of zonisamide in idiopathic generalized epilepsy (p.61-6)
Ainhoa Marinas, Vicente Villanueva, Beatriz G Giráldez, Albert Molins, Javier Salas-Puig, Jose M Serratosa

En accès libre Quality of life after vagal nerve stimulator insertion (p.67-74)
Mohamad A Mikati, Nour F Ataya, Jessica C El-Ferezli, Tarafa S Baghdadi, Ali H Turkmani, Youssef G Comair, Sujay Kansagra, Marwan W Najjar

Electroclinical reasoning report

En accès libre Successful surgery in late onset epilepsy with tuberous sclerosis complex (p.75-9)
Iris Unterberger, Giorgi Kuchukhidze, Gerald Walser, Judith Dobesberger, Florian Koppelstaetter, Martin Ortler, Richard Bauer, Eugen Trinka

Invited Editorial Comment

En accès libre “Epilepsy surgery recipes galore”: in quest for the epileptogenic tuber in tuberous sclerosis complex (p.80-1)
Ajay Gupta

Clinical commentary with video sequences

En accès libre Mirthful gelastic seizures with ictal involvement of temporobasal regions (p.82-6)
Bernhard Oehl, Silke Biethahn, Andreas Schulze-Bonhage
Avec vidéo

En accès libre Kinesigenic reflex epilepsy associated with a glioma in the lateral peri-rolandic region (p.87-9)
Romy Hoque, Edouardo Gonzalez-Toledo, Elena Korniychuk, John DellaBadia, Stephen L Jaffe
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En accès libre Electrophysiological characterisation of myoclonic-atonic seizures in symptomatic continuous spike-waves during slow sleep syndrome (p.90-4)
Pascal Vrielynck, Pierre Defresne
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Congresses and meetings

En accès libre Congresses and meetings (p.95)