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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the International League Against Epilepsy

Volume 7, numéro 2, June 2005

Review article

En accès libre Epilepsy in inborn errors of metabolism (p.67-81)
Nicole I Wolf, Thomas Bast, Robert Surtees

Original article

En accès libre Temporal lobe epilepsy: clinical semiology and age at onset (p.83-90)
Vicente Villanueva, José Maria Serratosa
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En accès libre Epilepsy in middle-aged and elderly people: a three-year observation (p.91-5)
Boguslaw Paradowski, Mieszko M Zagrajek

En accès libre Ipsilateral head deviation related to orbito-frontal and fronto-polar seizures (p.97-102)
S Rheims, Geneviève Demarquay, Marc Guénot, Marc Sindou, François Mauguière, Philippe Ryvlin
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En accès libre Psychometric validation of the French version of the side-effects and life satisfaction inventory (SEALS) in epileptic patients: comparison with the QOLIE-31 inventory and a generic quality of life questionnaire (p.103-13)
Abdelkader El Hasnaoui, Arielle Crespel, Jean-Pierre Daurès, Michel Baldy-Moulinier, Marie-Christine Picot

En accès libre Language- and praxis-induced jerks in patients with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (p.115-21)
Patrícia da Silva Sousa, Katia Lin, Eliana Garzon, Américo Ceiki Sakamoto, Elza Márcia T Yacubian
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Special article

En accès libre Making sense of non-epileptic seizures (p.123-30)
Nuri Gene-Cos, Howard A Ring

Video case report

En accès libre Motor impairment on awakening in a patient with an EEG pattern of “unilateral, continuous spikes and waves during slow sleep” (p.131-6)
Pierangelo Veggiotti, Simonetta Cardinali, Elisa Granocchio, Paolo Avantaggiato, G Papalia, Antonio Cagnana, Giovanni Lanzi
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En accès libre Gelastic seizures due to right temporal cortical dysplasia (p.137-41)
Nese Dericioglu, Oguz Cataltepe, Gaye Guler Tezel, Serap Saygi
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En accès libre Post-ictal rage and aggression: a video-EEG study (p.143-7)
Alexei E Yankovsky, Martin Veilleux, François Dubeau, Frederick Andermann
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En accès libre A semiological classification of status epilepticus (p.149-50)
H.O. Lüders, S. Rona, F. Rosenow, S. Arnold, M. Carreño, B. Diehl, A. Ebner, B. Fritsch, H. Hamer, H. Holthausen, S. Knake, S. Noachtar, S. Pieper, I. Tuxhorn


En accès libre Michael Forum Proceedings, Postdam 2004, Editorial and abstracts (p.151-74)

Congresses & meetings

En accès libre Congresses & meetings (p.175)