John Libbey Eurotext

Unilateral catalepsy in non-convulsive status epilepticus Volume 23, numéro 5, October 2021

Figure 1

EEG recording during NCSE. (A) EEG recording (10-20 international system, 21-channel digital recording, bipolar longitudinal montage) showing a sub-continuous spike/polyspike-and-slow wave activity, intermingled with brief periods of EEG flattening, located over the left fronto-central and temporal regions, suggestive of NCSE. (B) The tracing documents a seizure superimposed on NCSE (supplementary figure 1).

Figure 2

Ictal EEG recording showing a seizure arising during NCSE; the ongoing epileptiform activity becomes increasingly rhythmic, spreads over the whole left hemisphere and transmits contralaterally. Concomitantly, the patient presents with right eye deviation and becomes unresponsive.