John Libbey Eurotext

Sexual orgasm as a trigger for reflex epilepsy Volume 23, numéro 6, December 2021


Centro Hospitalar de Entre o Douro e Vouga, Portugal
* Correspondence: Ana do Carmo Ramalho Moreira Azevedo Hospital de São Sebastião Rua Doutor Cândido de Pinho, 4520-211 Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

Reflex epilepsy is a syndrome in which seizures can be elicited by a specific afferent sensory stimulus or an activity undertaken by the patient. Among all reported stimuli, orgasm has rarely been mentioned. We describe a woman presenting with seizures following orgasm. On interictal EEG, no epileptiform activity was found, even during hyperventilation. Brain MRI showed a small cyst next to the right choroid fissure, modulating the superior surface of the right hippocampus. We reviewed all published case reports of reflex epilepsy induced by orgasm in order to compare clinical, electroencephalographic and neuroimaging findings.