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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the International League Against Epilepsy

Might the olfactory bulb be an origin of olfactory auras in focal epilepsy? Volume 18, numéro 4, December 2016

Figure 1

Layers of the olfactory bulb. The 6 layers of the olfactory bulb do not correspond to those of neocortex: (i) unmyelinated axons of primary receptor neurons; (ii) synaptic glomeruli; (iii) tufted neurons and external plexiform layer; (iv) row of mitral cells. (v) internal plexiform layer; (vi) granular cell layer and progenitor cells; Deep white matter origin of olfactory tract and progenitor cell processes.

Figure 2

Olfactory Thalamic Equivalent. (A) Granular and progenitor cells form core of the olfactory bulb. Ventricular recess is within this core (22wk fetus). (B) Calretinin immunoreactivity in peri-glomerular neurons surrounding synaptic glomeruli (g) which are still non-reactive (19wk normal fetus). (C) A nodule of anterior olfactory nucleus within olfactory tract exhibits many synaptic vesicles (5-mo postnatal). Reproduced from Sarnat and Wu, 2016.