European Journal of Dermatology


sQUIZ your knowledge! A butterfly-shaped rash on a 32-year-old woman Volume 33, numéro 5, September-October 2023


  • Figure 1.
Dermatology department, CHU Hedi Chaker, Sfax, Tunisia

A 32-year-old woman with no prior medical history presented with a two-month history of pruritic erythemato-squamous plaques. These plaques exhibited a butterfly-shaped distribution across her cheeks, nose, eyelids, and forehead. She did not report any photosensitivity. Upon examination, poorly defined plaques were observed, characterized by an inflamed border, numerous follicular pustules, and alopecia in the outer third of her eyebrows (figure 1A). No atrophy was noted. Trichoscopy of the eyebrows [...]