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European Journal of Dermatology


Puffy hand syndrome Volume 27, numéro 4, July-August 2017


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1 Department of Dermatology,
Venereology and Oncodermatology,
2 Department of Pathology,
3 Department of Nuclear Medicine,
University of Pécs,
Medical School,
H-7632, Pécs,
a Authors contributed equally

Puffy hand syndrome (PHS) is a rare, long-term complication of intravenous drug abuse [1], in which non- or slightly pitting oedema of the dorsal side of the fingers and hands gives rise to an asymmetric puffy aspect to the skin [2]. A 49-year-old female patient was referred to our department with alopecia. On examination, non-pitting oedema and erythema was noticed on her right hand and left foot (figure 1A-C). Although the symptoms had been present for two years, she did not seek medical care. [...]